Vitaly Samoshko

CD & DVD: ‘PIANOCONCERTO No.3’ by Rachmaninov [LAT 04 – 2009]

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Contents – CD Program:
Pianoconcerto n°3, in D Minor, op.30 Sergei Rachmaninoff (42:01),
conductor, Jonas Alber,
pianist, Vitaly Samoshko,

Sonata n°7 in Bes, op.83 Sergei Prokofiev (19:49)
Pianist, Vitaly Samoshko
Text, Yves Knockaert
Translation, Hermann Becker (G), Aagje Van Cauwelaert-de Wyels (E)
Piano, Steinway D-N° 559549-2001; Pianos Hanlet Brussels – 1866
Recording.editing.Mastering, Yannick Willox;
Date, 24,25 and 26 March, 2003
Location, Studio 1 – Flagey – Brussels,

L.A.T.04-2009 DVD/CD

Graphic design, Jan Minne
Photography, Marleen Van Waeyenberge
Tel. 00 32 (0)2 569 38 20 fax 00 32 (0)2 569 01 64

Symphony Orchestra Flanders
Dirk Coutigny, manager – Stijn De Coster – Stephanie Dierckxsens
for the outstanding cooperation

Producer: Marleen Van Waeyenberge – Lineair Art Transfer (c) Belgium 2009

All rights reserved no parts of this digipack L.A.T.04-2009 containing DVD and Audio CD may be reproduced, stored in a database or retrieval system, or published, in any form or in any way, without the written permission of the producer.
Contents – DVD 5 Pal 16:9 PCM 48khz 24 bit Program:
Pianoconcerto n°3, in D Minor, op.30 Sergei Rachmaninoff (45:37),
conductor, Jonas Alber,
pianist, Vitaly Samoshko,

Interview between the journalist Greet Van ‘t veld and the pianist Vitaly Samoshko (17:48) language: Dutch spoken translated into English, French, German.

Musicologist Greet Van ‘t veld explored her passion for music first at the Antwerp Royal Conservatory, then during musicologist studies at Leuven University and at the Leuven Lemmens Institute. Her intrigue for music and word showed manifested during her studies, and further blossomed throughout her career as a writer on classical music in many publications.

Starting out as a production assistant for opera alongside Jan Fabre and for opera/ belcanto competition for VRT television, Greet currently combines her two passions – language and music – programming and concept developing for national classical radio Klara, Greet Van ‘t veld regularly writes concert and CD reviews and articles for Knack magazine.

Recording.editing. Mastering audio-video, Johan Kennivé,
Microphones DPA 4003; Microphone pre-amp Millennia Media
A/D convertor Apogee; 32 bit floating point processing
Camera, Tim Heirman, Johan Kennivé, Ruth Kennivé
Artistic supervisor, Filip Rathé
Location, Blauwe Zaal, de Singel, Antwerp (Belgium),
Date, 30th of November and 1st of December, 2008
Piano, Steinway & Sons D-274 n°57 3978 – 2006, Piano’s Maene;
Tuner, Peter Heat, Steinway Academy
Text, Frans C. Lemaire
Translation, Hermann Becker (G), Paul Hirsch (E), Jolande Dubbelman (D)
Distribution Benelux LAVIAL
Mr. Laurent Jakou
Langeweg, 28
B-3090 Overijse

Tel: +32 (0)2 / 768 28 01
Fax: +32 (0)2 / 768 29 02
Mobile: +32 (0)495 / 517 228

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