Vitaly Samoshko

Agenda 2009

Posted in Concert Agenda by fvc on April 19, 2010

November 19
Concert of Trio Kugel, Samoshko, Vanoosthuyse,
Cultural Center “De Spil”, Roeselare – BELGIUM
chamber music, Eddy Vanoosthuyse (klarinet),
Michael Kugel (viola), Vitaly Samoshko (piano)

November 18
Recital, Cultural Center “Poorthuis”
Peer, Limburg – BELGIUM
RACHMANINOV 6 Etudes-Tableaux: op.33 n°6 cis-moll,
op.39 n°1 c-moll, n°2 a-moll, n°3 fis-moll, n°5 es-moll, n°9 D-dur
SCRIABIN Etudes op.8 nn° 1, 2, 4, 5, 12
SCRIABIN Sonate n°3 op. 23

October 14
Recital at the Museum of Ancient Art
Brussels – BELGIUM
SCRIABIN Sonate n°3 op.23
SCRIABIN Sonate n°5 op.53
RACHMANINOV 4 Etudes-Tableaux op.33 n°6 cis-moll,
op.39 n°1 c-moll, n°3 fis-moll, n°9 D-dur

August 2 – 10
Faculty at the East-West Musicfestival 2009
International Summer Classes
St. Pölten – AUSTRIA

July 23
Concert chamber music
PROKOFIEV Overture on Hebrew Themes,
for clarinet, string quartet & piano, Op.34
Walter Boeykens (clarinet), Chilingirian string quartet,
Vitaly Samoshko (piano)
Château du Lac, Genval – BELGIUM
the Musica Mundi International Chamber Music course and Festival

July 19 – August 2
Faculty at the Musica Mundi International
Chamber Music course and Festival – BELGIUM

March 4
Masterclass in the music school of Kortrijk – BELGIUM

Jan 24
Recital in the Embassy Series at Washington – U.S.A.
SCARLATTI 4 Sonatas:
Sonate f-moll L382
Sonate G-dur L 349
Sonate d-moll L 413
Sonate C-dur L 104
MOZART Sonate F-dur K332
SCHUBERT Sonate D 537 op.164
BEETHOVEN Sonate op.109
CHOPIN Ballade n°4 f-moll op.52

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